Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine...

Can you feel it, can you smell it? Yup, it's almost summer!

So anyhow, I've been busy working towards optimizing Canine Combat. So far, I've been getting great performance on all three of my target systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac. Whatever OS your using, you should expect Canine Combat to run fast!

In other news, I had an email the other day from a Linux user who was wondering what version of OpenGL Canine Combat is using. This is a good question because Linux (via Mesa) only really supports up to OpenGL 2.x. Well, I thought since it was such a good question, that I would share the answer with everyone. Canine Combat uses OpenGL 2.1! For those Windows users out there, OpenGL 2.1 is basically the DirectX 9 equivalent. And as for you Mac users, you'll be fine. After all, Mac's just work!