Saturday, January 8, 2011

RPG Elements

In my previous post, I mentioned that I would be adding RPG elements to Canine Combat. I'm going to discuss how this will be done:

As you may know, Canine Combat so far has been a generic shooter game. The shooting, of course, is done in planes piloted by dogs. Check youtube for some clips of how this is achieved.

"Ok" your saying, "It's a shooter in that you fly a plane, point it at a target, and shoot. But, how could you possibly add RPG elements to it!?"

Well, my friend, take a look in the screenshot below. As you will see, the player is flying into the entrance of a hanger.

After the player flies inside the hanger, he then enters a first person perspective.

"Oh no!" you say, "Your turning Canine Combat into an FPS!!!" No, no, no. Canine will NOT be a first person shooter. The only shooting will be done outdoors. The inside areas are purely for interacting with NPC's. (ie. Receiving quests and such).

Here is a shot of the interior of an underground bunker. (Somewhat dark isn't it?)

Anyhow, that is the way RPG elements will be done. I felt I had to do it this way because I wanted the player to have a pause in the action to rest and receive missions from NPC's. I didn't feel the player would be able to do that in a plane because it's constantly moving.

You might have also noticed the backpack and dogbowl in the lower right hand corner of the screenshots.

You will hold your inventory items in the backpack and the dogbowl signifies how much money you have (bones are the currency of the game).