Friday, January 14, 2011

Mac App Store

So, as you Mac user's may know, Apple launched the Mac App Store earlier last week. I was originally excited for this thinking that this would be a great venue for Canine Combat. However, upon inspecting the developer guidelines, it appears that it may not be possible at the moment:

"According to Apple, your Mac app will be rejected if:

Your game portrays realistic images of people or animals being killed or maimed, shot, stabbed, tortured, or injured. (Such as Counter Strike, Halo, and pretty much every other good video game ever produced.)"

This worries me a bit, because Canine Combat is a shooter game... with animals... But, and here's the but, Canine Combat will never show any dog being harmed or killed. For instance, in Canine Combat, you only destroy vehicles and never the pilots themselves. And, when you do destroy the vehicle, the dog will bail out either in an ejection seat or parachute, thus you never actually shoot, stab, or injure the dog himself. Also, Canine Combat will never display any blood or other organs.

Also, the guideline says "realistic images" of these things will get your app rejected. However, as previously stated these things never occur and as for realistic...well... How realistic does the screenshot below look:

In conclusion, I think that Canine Combat should be allowed on the Mac App Store because I don't think it violates these guidelines. However, the real problem will be convincing Apple.