Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year!

Thought I'd pick up from my last post and discuss some of the new changes that I've been mentioning:

As you may know, Canine Combat is an aerial shooter game set in the dog universe. But, what else do you know? Thats about it eh. I haven't really talked about the story or much else behind the game. Sure, I've thrown out some screenshots here and there, but now I'd like to take a moment to delve deeper into the game.

In Canine Combat, you will take on the roll of Ace, a small town underdog who eventually finds himself working for the CCAF (Canine Combat Air Force). How he gets there will be unveiled in the first few levels of the game. Those levels will also make up the demo (when it is released).

Originally, I was just going to have the game be a generic shooter game. Granted, the game takes place in planes (which are constantly moving) thus making the gameplay slightly different from your average shoot-n'-duck FPS. Still, that wasn't a big enough change for me.

Indie games have always been about doing something different, so I decided that regular shooter elements, although somewhat different, wasn't enough. So, I've decided to add RPG elements to the game.

You might be wondering how thats going to work and I'll discuss it more in the coming days. For now, rest assured, these elements will only add to the depth of the game.