Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pre-Rendered Cutscenes.

Thought I'd post to say that I'm currently working on new levels for Canine Combat. Hopefully within the coming months I will have some new screenshots to show.

As to my recent whereabouts...
1) I've been tweaking the camera.
2) I've made some new additions to the HUD.
3) I've added more polish to the level you see in the video below this post.

In addition to making new levels, I'd also like to start doing some pre-rendered cutscenes. For those that don't know what a cutscene is, click here.

Basically, I'll be using a program called Blender to make the cutscenes. Blender is a free modeling and animation suite. Commercial alternatives, such as 3ds Max are easily priced within the thousands. As an indie game developer on a budget, I can't afford to spend the funds on such expensive software.

Thankfully, Blender is not only free, but it is just as well equipped as 3ds Max is. In fact, when I first started it up, I was overwhelmed by all the features and do-dads.

It's perfect for hobbyist and small business and they give you a great array of tutorials to help you get started. In fact, if any readers out there are curious as to how modelling and animation is done, you can download it for Mac, Windows, or even Linux and try it for yourself.