Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SDL is the way to go...

Today's post is geared towards the software developers out there. If your looking to make a cross-platform game, your best bet is to use SDL (Simple Direct Media Layer).

It's basically an easy way of handling your window and input in a cross-platform manner. That is to say that code written in the SDL API only has to be written once and can run on multiple platforms thereafter.

Here are 3 reasons why SDL is awesome:
1) Code only has to be written once. Nuff said.
2) Easy to use. Why spend hours digging through the WINAPI when you can get the same job done in only a few lines of code with SDL.
3) It's well supported. Right now, SDL 1.2 is the current version, however, SDL 1.3 will be released (hopefully) later this year.

In short, SDL is awesome for cross-platform game development. In fact, all of my games use it!