Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My experience with Google Adsense.

Ads, ads, ads, what can I say about them? I realize adsense is a great way to make a little extra cash, but in my case, I think it will hurt more then help.

Google Adsense is supposed to target the user's interest. If the user searches for food and cuisine a lot, then adsense will point them towards recipes and kitchenware.

In my case, the user is most likely searching for games. It can be hard to spread the word about Gribble Games, and when someone does stumble upon my site, what's to keep them here when I'm advertising for my competitors? It's like Coke putting up ads for Pepsi, it makes no sense!

Although I've toyed with ads for a little while, I don't think there really "helping" me. I would much rather make $20 bucks off selling Canine Combat, then $0.02 for every ad clicked.

As you can see, I put up some ads next to the blog. I'll see how it does, and if user's come back to my site after clicking on the ads, then I might keep them--otherwise bye bye ads!