Friday, September 11, 2009

Map editor and mod tools for Canine Combat.

Not many indie games, it would seem, support modding. Thus, I just want to reiterate the fact that Canine Combat will ship with editing tools.

Some people ask me: "Why do I care about modding?" Well, the problem with most games is, once you've beaten them--it's over. Whereas, mods help support a game's growth by keeping the fun and gameplay fresh.

In addition to the editor, the game's scripts will be available for mod usage. The scripting language I use is called "Lua."

Lua is used in several AAA titles, including:
*Grim Fandango ~ LucasArts
*Crysis ~ Crytek
*World of Warcraft ~ Blizzard

Every "entity" in the game, whether it be an enemy plane, bullet, etc. is scripted. I will touch on modding and scripting more in my upcoming posts, so stay tuned.