Thursday, July 16, 2009

Space Smashout Postmortem Entry #1

As promised, I'm starting a series of blogs about the development of Space Smashout. This is entry number one in the series.

I originally started Space Smashout as a way to learn more about 3d graphics. One of the first decisions I had to make was whether to use Microsoft's DirectX or Silicon Graphics Opengl. After some thinking about, I decided to use Opengl.

The reason for this is simple: portability. When I was younger, I was brought up using Macintosh. I loved my Mac, it did everything a nine year old could expect, except to play the greatest games. I was always disappointed that all the "cool" and "new" games were coming out for windows first, with Mac being fed only the scrapes. I vowed that if I were to ever make a video game, I would make sure it ran on Mac. Thus, this resulted in my choice to use Opengl over Microsucks DirectX.

As I said at the beginning, Space Smashout (lets refer to it as SS from now on) was my first attempt at 3d graphics. When I began SS, I had no clue how 3d graphics were produced or displayed on the screen. I began my journey cutting and pasting code which I would find on the internet. Let me tell you right now, DON'T CUT AND PASTE CODE! The result is that my source code looked like it had been sent through a meat grinder (not pretty).

I quick realized that if I stayed on this track, SS would never be finished. That's when I sucked in my pride and *gasp* read the manual (yes, even programmers hate reading manuals). But there was no other alternative, I read over the Opengl specification a step at a time.

Apparently, things worked out well because SS was finished after all and I have no regrets about choosing Opengl over DirectX.

Of course, there were still many of other problems that I will write about over the next few days.